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  • Hexagonoids: Asteroids on a Sphere

    Creating a game using BabylonJS and H3 and publishing it on Vercel.

  • Creating a Yarn Monorepo in 2022

    Setting up a productive monorepo with modern tooling.

  • Relaunching on Astro

    Upgrading my blog from a very outdated version of Gastby to Astro.

  • Announcing fetch-actions

    I am proud to announce the initial release of fetch-actions, a functional wrapper for fetch designed for integrating a remote API with a redux application.

  • Starting projects

    I found myself needing to create lots of packages. I captured my notes for getting started on a new web package and getting it ready to publish to NPM.

  • Upgrading Gatsby to 1.0

    The latest version of Gatsby was somewhat different from the pre-1.0 release. I upgraded my blog manually from the old version to the new one.

  • Enable linting: eslint

    I implemented eslint to show linting errors in my editor while I worked on my blog.

  • Automatically deploying my blog with Travis

    I configured Travis to test and deploy my blog every time I push new code to my master branch on Github.

  • Migrating the old site

    I needed to move my old site to a new domain and replace it with my new blog.

  • First launch: Firebase

    I relaunched my blog on Firebase Hosting. The free tier on Firebase is perfect for single page web apps, like my Gatsby blog.